About The Project

About The Project

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Well it's been a few weeks! What's up?

Mary and Sid donated two beautiful Plantation plates for the panels!  So grateful for this donation, as it turns out that they'll add some more wonderful diversity to the patterns being featured in these panels.

By now one of the upper panels has been completed!  As much as I'd love to bring it to the annual meeting, the photographs I've sent to Michael must suffice.  I'm far too busy to attend the meeting this year but I hope my Heisey team will remember that I'll be busy on this project...  working hard on these panels which I've grown to love so much.  It won't be the same, certainly, but I'll be having plenty of Heisey fun out here when the meeting is taking place.

The layout/planning stage is well underway for the upper panel that's going to contain the Plantation plates.  As I continue to assemble, I've found the perfect spot for at least one of the Oak Leaf coasters, too!  Last month I found a single Greek Key coaster-sized plate that I'm keen to use in this project, and the Oak Leaf coaster plate matches the size exactly.  I'll be able to use them both, then, and maintain the symmetry we've already established within the panels!  It's been a really exciting discovery, I do love it when little finds like these suddenly wave at me and offer me such pretty solutions.  I have plenty of opportunities going forward too, to work on other feature-able patterns, so that's fantastic!