About The Project

About The Project

Wednesday, December 30, 2015



In the fall of 2014 Jack Burris wrote in his Curator’s column about several possible new projects for the museum.  One of those ideas was to replace the old front doors, adding glass panels.  I am an HCA member, avid collector, and a stained glass artist for over 40 years, and therefore very interested.  This past May I met with Jack and Michael Maher at the museum.  Our first decision was to have a large Diamond H featured in each of the two upper panels surrounded by Heisey glass pieces.   I brought back to Colorado the first box of Heisey glass. 

Over the summer and fall I created the master plans for the doors – two 25” by 34” panels above the break bar containing the Diamond H centerpieces, and two panels below the bar measuring 25” by 20” containing the Heisey dates and dedication.  As many patterns, etchings, and features as can be found/donated will be used. 

During the December 5th Open House, I presented the final layouts of the panels and showed how this will all come together for the June 2017 annual meeting.  Already members of HCA are adding their parts to the work.  President Roy Eggert is also working with the glass. If you have bits and pieces of Heisey that you have not sent in for the museum’s projects, you can mail the glass to me directly.  All glass that is not used will be returned to the museum for additional “upcycling”.  There will be more details and pictures in February’s publication.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Starting Small

Nothing like some real Heisey to be the star of the show!