About The Project

About The Project

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Interview Time! Just a quick question:

Why Heisey?  What got you hooked on collecting it? 

Mother had a few pieces of Heisey but I remember distinctly her overall love of cut glass.  The Heisey pieces in her collection which I remember most are the Greek Key jelly bowl and the salt and pepper shakers.  Actually,  I only found out  that the salt and pepper shakers I'd loved for so long were Heisey after I had inherited Mother's entire glass collection.  She probably had at least ten pieces that came to me at that point, and those pieces really galvanized my fondness.  My mother was really into cut glass later in life but she had always liked to use her glassware for serving and display.  She simply thought the glass was beautiful, and therefore I naturally thought so too.  When Mother's love of glassware really started to become a genuine collection, she was a member of the local Questers chapter and so was I.

Mother introduced me to the Questers, an organization of brilliant people who are dedicated to restoration, preservation, collection and simple adoration of all things antique.  (My daughter calls it "antique collectors anonymous" but it's so much more than that!)  Together, Mother and I enjoyed the club meetings and activities and we learned a great deal about all of our collections; not least of which being Mother's cut glass and her precious Heisey.  Maybe being a part of Questers let me discover my passion, maybe it just fed the "addiction".  The fancy grew slowly at first.  But as anyone who loves Heisey knows, the more one looks, feels, uses, studies the glass the more wonderful it becomes. 

Even as I work with the glass on this project, the more I truly appreciate it.  Every piece I work with for this project has a little something to show me, to teach me.  Everything sparkles and invites adoration.  It's not hard to love Heisey.  Obviously.  Of all of the things in the world to be "addicted" to...  I could do a whole lot worse!