About The Project

About The Project

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Quester Quarterly Article!

Caroline Jensen Receives Commission

In the fall of 2014, the Heisey Collectors of America began thinking about upgrading the main entrance doors for the Heisey Museum, the best museum of its kind,  in Newark Ohio with up to code doors featuring glass panel inserts.  The final dimensions were established – 2 upper panels at 25” x 34” and 2 lower panels at 25” x 20”.  These four panels are to have Heisey glass in them.   I met with the curator of the museum and the president of the club and received this commission the summer of 2015. The center piece of each of the upper panels is a diamond “H”, the Heisey Glass Company’s logo.  All the rest of the glass to be used will be pieces of Heisey glass.  Interestingly, Ohio Questers are having their Spring state meeting at the museum this coming April.

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Memo

Susan and Jack are getting another box of glass to send me next week - that's good because I just laid out the cartoon for the lower panels.  With the bigger size, I will need MORE GLASS.  I am collecting all the leftovers so far and will be sending anything unusable back to the museum.  Do you remember when we sorted through the glass in the warehouse and Roy took quite a bit back to Maryland?  One of the pieces he took back was a decanter with four square-ish sides. I have saved space in the panels for those sides.  If there might be another one around, I now have the capability to cut them myself.  I have also developed a satisfying technique for cleave off the bases of various stemware pieces.