About The Project

About The Project

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Color Color Color

Heisey is so much more than just "clear" glass plates.  I've made a point of trying to incorporate the variety of colors produced by Heisey into my panels.  These little splashes of color will shine like rare jewels when the final installation is complete.  It's so exciting to think of how they'll dazzle and catch our attention with the sun pouring through them!

Looking back at the raw materials, it's certainly a challenge to make sure I have space for the pieces I want to feature.  Every time I get a new shipment of glass from the museum, there are new surprises just BEGGING for a place in the window.  Adjustments will be made!  

It's coming together, piece by piece, and inch by inch.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed at my layout table by the amount of work that's yet to be done; the amount of decision-making and design that's yet to unfold.  How can  I possibly get all of these gorgeous pieces to fit together properly?  How do I showcase each pattern, each color, without ending up with a complicated jigsaw mess?

And then comes a moment when it all just "works".  It's magic, to be honest.  It's work and it's practice and it's sore muscles and aching joints, and it's pure magic.  There's not a shape, an angle or a color in these panels that isn't deliberate.  Each organic curve found its way "home" after hours of struggle and wondering and frustration.  Each detail is mine, but as a whole, I can see the finished product is going to be so much more than any of the sum of its parts.    And that's what makes a project like this so satisfying.  To be lost in the work is as frustrating as it is enchanting.  To see it become its own creature when finally installed, to see it "living" and adored in its new home; again it's magic.  It's a great big spell being cast.    It couldn't be more exciting! (or exhausting!)