About The Project

About The Project

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

But what about those dedication panels?

They're coming along great, actually.  Each dedication panel is really starting to develop its own personality as I continue to find pieces and chunks and portions to add to them.  Each portion of this project has brought its challenges, mechanically AND artistically, but I am proud to say that I've been up to the task at each turn.

Each of these lower panels has a center full plate. Then on either side of the plate are the dates of operation for the Heisey company...  1896 and 1957.  Below on one of the panels will be my name, and on the other will most likely be "Glass from Heisey Collectors of America" and "Installation by Blake Bros. Glass Co., LLC", or variations on this.

By the way, last week I sent a full box of the leftovers to the museum to use on the new marble project. (I'm a marble collector, too.)

And now, a look at our progress!