About The Project

About The Project

Monday, May 2, 2016

May Heisey Article


The first upper panel is assembled and soldered.  It now needs lots of cleaning.  The Heisey Rose pattern is included as well as two beads.  Both can be seen in the detail photos.  There are also open spaces in the work to allow for a certain amount of “air” movement within the panels.  The second upper panel is well underway with both the layout and the assembly progressing nicely.  The lower panels, containing the dates and dedication information, have much of the pieces organized and set aside.  The basic layout is also drawn.  These two panels will have the official data sandblasted into cobalt blue (to match the upper panels’ cobalt blue) pieces of non Heisey class.

The main concept for these panels continues to be to include as much variety of Heisey glass as possible, including the colors and etchings as well as patterns.  Most of the glass is coming from broken and damaged pieces.  However, members have been very generous in also donating undamaged glass, which are being used as whole pieces as much as possible.  All the scrap glass not useable in the panels will be returned to the museum to be melted down for further use in museum projects.  A full photographic and written record of this project is also being created for possible use as a booklet/fund raiser                     

P. S.   I still do not have any Dawn or Ivorina Verde for the panels