About The Project

About The Project

Monday, May 2, 2016

Considering Glass in Multiple Dimensions

In this image you can really see how the different shapes and sizes of these pieces are coming together.  I have plates (and fragments) that go from "reasonably flat" to "Oh lord how will this fit".  I am incorporating everything from the etched or moulded patterns inside the glass, to the lovely edges surrounding them.  I even have the custom Heisey beads in my window to make sure we have all the bases covered.  Look at this picture carefully and see if you can find a difference between the thinnest areas (a standard 1/16th of an inch) to the really mechanically challenging areas (a demanding 5/8 of an inch).

Why all the fuss and fractions?  The door itself is going to be mounted within moving (and real) doors.  The panels will therefore need to fit inside an approximate 3/4 inch depth, like a sleeve.  However, it's not just these panels we're putting up there.  Each panel will be encased (the sleeve) in a flat piece of plate-glass on either side to protect and maintain the original panels.  That plate-glass feature is not just good sense, it's the law.  So there's no skipping that step!

It's a lot to consider when putting a window anywhere, add all this extra depth and structural support and things get pretty complicated pretty fast.  Inches, fractions of inches, and fractions of fractions of inches become critical almost immediately.  Planning ahead and good communication with the installation team will be the key to the success of this project.