About The Project

About The Project

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Making a wishlist!

Here's my current wish list for the panels:

1 Diamond Point ind. jelly  -  I have 1 and need the second for the second panel
Any square plates, any size - preferably 2 or 4 of any pattern
1 Empress 7 1/2" round   - or 3                I have 1
2 Narrow Flute, no rim, 4 3/4"                  I have 2
2 Narrow Flute, with rim 4 3/4"                I have 2
1 or 3 Narrow Flute no rim 6"
1 or 3 Narrow Flute with rim 6 1/2"
Any Empress 6" plates with etchings
1 or 3 Whirlpool ^ 3/4"
1 Fandango plate at 8"      I have one usable and it would be neat to have another for the other panel

LOTS of round and square bases  - 2"     and other sizes
We should also have both the orchid and the Heisey rose patterns in the panels.   They could/can be represented using broken parts, cut to fit.

We can scrounge (gently) for some color, too.
I do not have to have all of this by Dec., just what can be found right now .   Later we can send out a wish list to the members.